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Properties of silicate solution
Lithium silicate aqueous solution is colorless, transparent or milky white liquid, odorless, non-toxic, non-combustible and alkaline (pH = 11~12).
Lithium silicate aqueous solution is the same as sodium silicate, which is easy to gelling after adding acidic substances. However, since the radius of lithium ion is much smaller than that of sodium and potassium ions, lithium silicate aqueous solution also has some unique properties: the performance of lithium silicate aqueous solution is closely related to the size of silica gel particles, for example, if the number of Sio particles is about 1mμ, the product is clear and transparent, with low viscosity, and has excellent storage and service performance (water resistance, fire resistance, weather resistance, etc.); however, when the SiO 2 particle is about 3 mμ, the solution is micro-colloid, with high viscosity, poor storage stability and poor service performance. The allowable modulus of lithium silicate aqueous solution is as high as 8, the content of SiO 2 is 20%, the viscosity is still low, and the stability is good.
Lithium silicate aqueous solution has self-drying, and can produce dry membrane insoluble in water, with excellent dry-wet substitution resistance. Lithium silicate aqueous solution precipitates when heated, but if the precipitate is not hot or dehydrated, it can dissolve again after cooling. Lithium silicate aqueous solution has the characteristic of reacting to the surface of glass, steel, aluminum and fiber with hydrophilic surface to form a film. It can be carried out above 60℃, and the higher the temperature is, the faster the reaction is. Due to different manufacturing methods, the SiO 2 in lithium silicate aqueous solution can be crystalline or colloidal, while the stable colloid SiO 2 solution usually has little or no crystalline SiO 2; While when used as coating, the performance of the coating film made of the crystalline silicate of The SiO_2 is significantly better than that made of the colloidal silicate. It is worth noting that the dry film formed by lithium silicate aqueous solution on the smooth surface (metal, glass, etc.) is discontinuous, with poor adhesive force, peeling and powder dropping. However, the mixed use of lithium silicate with sodium silicate or potassium can not only reduce costs, but also improve the film-forming reaction of lithium silicate.

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