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Advantages of off-line surfacing in manufacturing:

a. The size of the grinding roller/disc tile remanufactured by surfacing welding is not controlled, and the grinding roller/disc tile of various shapes can be surfacing welding;
B No matter how heavy the workload is, offline surfacing welding construction will not affect the downtime or cause any additional losses;
c. After removing the worn grinding roller and grinding disc, you can check in detail whether there are defects such as cracks in the workpiece matrix, and the construction quality can be guaranteed;
d. The deposited metal of grinding roller/plate tile remanufactured by surfacing welding is firmly combined with the collective, the appearance of welding seam is beautiful, the wear resistance is good, and the service time is long;
e. The construction quality can be guaranteed. During the construction, according to the size of the original drawing and based on the comprehensive construction technology and technology, the true roundness and balance of the grinding roller or the bushing board of the grinding disc can be guaranteed, and the installation and use are stable and safe, save power consumption and avoid excessive vibration of the mill.
Although the risk of off-line surfacing welding is small, it is relatively long compared with the construction period. There are always disassembling, transportation and installation costs, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. At the same time, the equipment after surfacing welding still has problems such as safety in installation and installation, etc, therefore, online surfacing and remanufacturing has also become one of the choices of manufacturers.

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