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1. High production efficiency: on the one hand, the conductive length of the welding wire is shortened, and the current and current density are increased, so the penetration of the arc and the deposition efficiency of the welding wire are greatly improved (generally, the one-time penetration depth of a single side without an open groove can reach 20mm). On the other hand, due to the heat insulation effect of the welding flux and slag, there is basically no heat radiation loss on the arc, and the spatter is also less. Although the heat loss used to melt the welding flux has increased, However, the overall thermal efficiency is still greatly increased.

2. High weld quality: the protection effect of the slag to isolate the air is good, the welding parameters can be kept stable through automatic adjustment, and the requirements for the welder’s technical level are not high. The weld composition is stable and the mechanical property is good.

3. Good working conditions: In addition to reducing the labor intensity of manual welding, it has no arc radiation, which is the unique advantage of submerged arc welding. The arc light of submerged arc welding is not exposed, and there is no arc radiation. Mechanized welding method reduces the intensity of manual welding.

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