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Flux core welding wire has the following advantages:

1. Strong welding adaptability to various steels. It is extremely convenient and easy to adjust the composition and proportion of the flux, which can provide the required weld chemical composition.
2. Good process performance and beautiful candle seam forming adopt combined protection of gas and slag to obtain good forming. Add arc stabilizing agent to stabilize the arc and make the transition of molten droplets uniform.
3. Fast melting speed and high production efficiency. Under the same welding current, the flux-cored welding wire has high current density and fast melting speed. Its deposition rate is about 85%-90%, and its productivity is about 3-5 times higher than that of welding wire arc welding. The welding speed is fast. When welding downwards and horizontally, the welding speed of flux-cored welding wire is about 10% faster than that of solid-cored welding wire, especially when welding vertically (Vertical) and over head, according to the effect of powder, high current welding can be used, which can increase the speed by more than twice.
4. Full position welding can be carried out with larger welding current. When the solid-core welding wire is welded horizontally or upwards, it requires the welders to have very high welding skills, which will produce a large amount of splash. Therefore, it is only suitable for the welding of thin plates. However, because the flux-core welding wire produces sufficient welding slag, covering the welding part, it is suitable for all-position welding.
5. Compared with the solid welding wire, the flux-cored welding wire has less spatter and will not block the welding nozzle even if it is used continuously.
6. Good workability, soft welding arc of flux-cored wire, good welding workability and easy operation. An ordinary worker can weld out qualified welding seam with simple training, which saves the training cost.

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