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Tensileweld ER5356 is an aluminum alloy welding wire that containing 5% magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance, thermal crack resistance, high strength and good forgeability; the weld shape is beautiful and delicate, with less spatter, and the anodized treatment is white; it can provide good Color matching is a general-purpose welding consumable with a wide range of uses.

Our ER5356 welding wire widely used in chemical pressure vessels, bicycles and other sports equipment, locomotive carriages, ordnance, shipbuilding, aviation and other industries related aluminum alloy welding are also used in the welding of aluminum-silicon-magnesium, aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys and repair welding of aluminum-magnesium alloy castings.

Tensileweld provide ER5356 Mig welding wire: 6kgs/7kgs/10lb/1lb spool and Tig welding wire.

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