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ER4043 aluminum silicon welding wire

Standard: gb/t10858 sai4043 awsa5.1er4043

Composition: Si = 4.5-6.0%;  Fe≤0.8%;  Al allowance.

Note: ER4043 is an aluminum-silicon alloy welding wire containing 5% silicon, with melting point of 573-625℃, good fluidity, strong thermal cracking resistance, but insufficient ductility.  Due to the high silicon content, brittle Mg2Si is easy to form in the weld when used for welding high magnesium alloy, which reduces the plasticity and corrosion resistance of the joint.  In addition, the surface color of the weld is dark, and the color of the anodized weld is different from that of the base metal.

Uses: Used as filling material for argon arc welding and gas welding of aluminum alloy workpieces and castings except aluminum magnesium alloy.  It is commonly used for welding 6061 and other 600 series aluminum alloys, 3000 series and 2000 series aluminum alloys and cast aluminum.  Widely used in railway locomotive, chemical industry, food and other industries.

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