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Welding Electrode – refers to the manual arc welding material with a special coating that is uniformly coated on the outer layer of a certain length of metal wire with a certain thickness, referred to as “welding electrode” for short.

The electrode is made of welding core and coating.

Welding core: the metal core covered by the coating for the welding rod.


  • Conduct current and generate welding arc;
  • Melt to form the deposit metal in the weld bead

Coating: fine-grained substances with different physical and chemical properties are bonded and evenly coated on the surface of the welding core.


  • Remove harmful elements and add useful elements to make the weld bead have good mechanical properties.
  • Ensure the arc is easy to ignite and burn stably and continuously; while reducing spatter
  • Improve the properties of the deposit metal

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