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Compared with other welding methods, gas shielded welding has the following characteristics:
(1) the visibility of the arc and the molten pool is good, and the welding parameters can be adjusted according to the condition of the molten pool during the welding process.
(2) it is easy to operate in the welding process. There is no slag or few slag, and there is basically no need to clear the slag after welding.
(3) The Arc collects heat under the compression of the maintenance airflow, the welding speed is faster, the molten pool is smaller, the heat affected zone is narrow, and the deformation of the weldment after welding is small.
(4) it is conducive to the mechanization and automation of the welding process, especially the mechanized welding in spatial orientation.
(5) magnesium, aluminum, zinc and their alloys with strong chemical viability and easy formation of high melting point oxide film can be welded.
(6) thin plates can be welded.
(7) when working outdoors, wind shield equipment should be set up, otherwise the gas protection effect is not good.
(8) the light radiation of the arc is very strong.
(9) the welding equipment is relatively complicated, which is more expensive than the welding electrode arc welding equipment.

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